The Swedish students have arrived to Eastbourne and for some this is their first visit to England ever.

In sweden we have had meetings to prepare them for their trip to England and Eastbourne and it is your chance to display the English way of living and every day Environment that is common to you and your family and friends.

All students speak basic English or more. We begin English studies  already i grammar school in sweden.

Some students have already paid visits to England Before and may have the experience to adapt to the English way.

Sweden and England have their small differences. We have the Swedish Krona Money. 1 Pound is roughly 12 kronor. Sweden drives the Continental way, on the right, this can be troublesome for students visiting for the first time. It is highly recommended that you assist them at start.
Swedes are very Clean and organised, which means that on the odd occasion they feel uneasy to new Environment. Food is also important to swedes, please chat with the students and understand their needs and well as what you offer.

In case of a Medical situation, Sweden and England have an agreement for doctors appointment. This is usually very simple administration.

The Swedish way is rather strict, in terms of rules and upbringing, trust and understanding goes hand in hand. In  sweden we ask for permission Before we act on anything. Swedes are as good as the English in appologies.

If you have any further question on any matter, please do not hesitate so Contact a memeber of staff in Eastbourne. We will solve any situation swiftly and in confidence for everybodys interest.


The management of LS Language School, LS

Sten Olov Lund, Director and founder.


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