Beautiful Eastbourne on the south coast 

Eastbourne is our nice resort in England. A town we English coast in the south (93,630 inhabitants). Here we live in English host families.
Many of the families have been with us all these years and friendships have been established with the respective Swedish families. Eastbourne has the advantage of being a quiet and nice city while offering all the fun and activities that a Swedish teenager may want including some clean and very popular disco.

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London the capital of England

Throughout history, London has had a great influence on culture, finance, trade and politics both nationally and internationally. The city has, from a historical perspective, been favored by the UK's dominant position, both as a leading industrialized country but also by a prominent role in trade and politics. Even today, London is one of the world's largest financial centers and has one of the highest per capita GDP among European cities.

London also has a prominent role in education and culture. The University of London was founded in 1836 and today there are several prominent universities in the city (including King's College, University College London, London School of Economics and Richmond University). The city has a long line of rich museums, libraries, theaters and similar cultural centers, which together manage a cultural heritage from both the UK and the world.

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Canterbury is historic & stunning 

Experience Canterbury’s history and heritage, see our stunning architecture and world famous buildings.  Canterbury tourism has the perfect blend of city, coast and countryside, ensuring that however varied your interests are you will be spoilt for choice. Come and enjoy our beautiful coastline and countryside and our breathtaking heritage and culture. After all, Canterbury is simply inspirational.

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Hej. Jag försöker maila Jag får felmeddelande varje gång jag skickar. Kan ni hjälpa mig?